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So, What Is IPL Hair Removal?

IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light technology- essentially, pulses of light are applied to the root of the hair, causing it to go into its resting phase and fall out. Over time, your body will actually grow less hair in that area- leaving you with smooth, low-maintenance skin! IPL Hair Removal works best on darker hair and light-medium skin tones- very light hair or very dark skin make it difficult for the light to be absorbed into the hair follicle. Feel free to consult with us beforehand to ensure that IPL is a good hair removal solution for your skin and hair type- we think you’ll be amazed by your results!

Treat yourself to hassle-free hair removal that lasts- book your IPL Hair Removal treatment now by calling 778-241-5994!


FACE (8 Treatments)

  • any Upper lip, Chin, Sideburns, Face, Jaw $500

UPPER BODY (8 Treatments)

  • Underarms $350
  • Neckline includes shoulders $450
  • Full Back $1000
  • Full upper front/ Chest $1000
  • Whole Torso Front And Back $1800

LOWER BODY (8 Treatments)

  • Bikini $350
  • Brazillion $450
  • Half leg upper or lower $750
  • Whole Leg $1150
  • Whole Leg + Bikini $1450
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